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Validation of the MAPGEO2010 and comparison with recent geopotential models

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  • Geoid
  • Geodesy
  • Gps
  • Spirit Levelling
  • Height
  • Brazil


This paper presents the offorts to calculate the geoid model for Brazil. It is limited by 6 degrees N and 35 degrees S in latitude and 30 degrees W and 75 degrees W in longitude. The terrestrial gravity data for the continent have been updated by means of the most recent surveys in Brazil and in the neighbour countries. The complete Bouguer and Helmert gravity anomalies have been derived through the Canadian package SHGEO. The short wavelength component was estimated via FFT. The geopotential model EGM2008 was used as a reference field restricted to degree and order 150. The model was validated over 844 GPS observations on Bench Marks of the spirit leveling network. The height anomalies plus a topography dependent correction term derived from EGM2008 (degree 2190 and order 2159), GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R2 (degree and order 240), GOCO02S (degree and order 250), EIGEN 51C (degree and order 359) and EIGEN 6C (degree and order 1420), geoidal height derived from MAPGEO2004 (old official geoid model in Brazil) have also been compared to the GPS points on Bench Marks.

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