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Marxims and Psychoanalysis: An Attempt for the new politico-ethical Reading of Althusser's Marxism

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This paper tries to demonstrate that contrary to the spinozist or deleuzian Interpretation of Althusser Marxism it is essentially connected to the Lacan's psychoanalysis and Hegel's philosophy. Althussers position to the Lacan's Psychoanalysis and Hegel's philosophy cannot be not uniquely defined. Althusser accepted psychoanalysis as theoretical and practical ground at the first phase of his theoretical works, but at the middle phase rejected it as one of the ideological discourses. And he also rejected Hegel's dialectic as teleology and theory of the expressive totality. But Althusser found the necessity of the category of contradiction for the reconstruction of the marxism, and the necessity of the subjective working through of the 'Master' for the ruling over people. and tried to integrated the Hegel's philosophy and psychoanalysis. And simultaneously he tries to reinterpret the spinozist philosophy from the perspective of the psychoanalysis and Hegel' philosophy, even if he does not leave Spinoza and confesses to be inspired very much by Spinoza. His hegelian interpretation of spinozist philosophy culminates in his new interpretation of the so called the third kind of knowledge, that is, as individual universality. Because Althusser does not make explicit why such an interpretation is hegelian, this paper tries to explain the connection. According to Hegel's Science of Logic the Concept is nothing less than individuality, that is the universality and particularity. And this paper also tries to show that the concept as individual universality is nothing but the I (subject) as Hegel demonstrated precisely, and therefore hegelian subject must accept his otherness as his essential part. That means the Concept as I (subject) does not realize itself without the loss of itself and the 'Versöhnung' with his other. So hegelian Concept is not very different from the lacanin subject. Althusser detected, according to this paper, the essential connection and reintroduced the concept of subject. But this subject is not the ideological subject as center of the meaning of the universe, but the subject as process. So We find in Althusser finally, especially in his posthume work the reconstruction of marxism from the perspective of psychoanalysis and Hegel's philosophy.

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