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Interim report to the Michigan State Legislature and Steering Committee regarding the 16-ft. wide mobile home study

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Technical Report Documentation Page 1. Fkporr No. UMTRI-9 1-49 2 bvumnntAc#ulanNa 3. W p M o C l l l l o g N o . lmrndslwtk Interim Report to the Michigan State Legislature and Steering Committee Regarding the 16-ft Wide Mobile Home Study 7. Aulhoc(.) C. MacAdam and F. Streff rhfmnhg~gnl~~lon~rrrrd~ddnw The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute 2901 Baxter Road, AM Arbor, Michigan 48 109 1 2 ~ g ~ N r r * m l d ~ Michigan Department of Transportation Lansing, Michigan 15. W N o l w r k p o n ~ n , December 20,199 1 ' -OW-"- 8. Pw(amhgorg-a-No. UMTRI-9 1-49 la warll u n ~ NO. ( m s ) 11. colw8ctorQnntNo. MDOT 91-1291 1 3 . 7 L p o l ~ m d p I . i o d C o v r n d Interim 911219 1 - 12/20/91 14. s p o n r o m g m w - la AWW This document represents an interim reporting of findings from an on-going study of 16-foot wide mobile homes by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute on behalf of its sponsors, the Michigan State Legislature and its intermediary steering committee comprised of representatives from the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Michigan Department of Commerce, the Michigan State Police, and the mobile home industry. A primary purpose of the study is to evaluate "the mobility, turning ability, and transporting of mobile homes that are more than 14-1/3 feet wide ..." as described in Section 10 of Senate Bill No. 142 from the regular session of 1991. The study is focused on issues specifically related to differential effects that mobile home width (i.e., 16-ft widths versus 14-ft widths) may have on adjoining traffic and maneuverability. The study ultimately will make recommendations to state agencies regarding safe operation and allowed access to state highways for such vehicles. 17. b y wordr mobile home, offtracking, encroachment, highway design, wide load, vehicle width, modular home, highway use, maneuverability, traffic, mobility la m8wbu

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