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How to develop a pricing capability - A case study of Triton

Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen
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  • Pricing Capability
  • Capability
  • Pricing
  • Transaction
  • Case Study
  • Management Of Enterprises
  • Företagsledning
  • Management
  • Business And Economics


Purpose: The purpose of this master thesis is to investigate how a pricing capability can be developed on a general as well as on a practical level in an industrial company working on the international business-to-business market. Methodology: We have conducted a case study of the work on pricing at Triton. After mapping the events we have evaluated the results. We have conducted interviews with people with information concerning Tritons work in the Pricing area. Theoretical perspectives: The theory includes organization and structure, pricing for the market with emphasis on transactions and theories on how to understand the customer. We conclude by our own model for pricing capability, which we will use in our analysis. Empirical foundation: In this chapter the case study is presented. We also present some comments on pricing capability. Conclusions: When acquiring a pricing capability it is important to realize the importance of pricing and to have the courage to change price processes. It is also important to organize the pricing process in a structured way. Three practical implications are: courage to change prices, a group that sets prices and a system that manages the everyday price setting.

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