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Letter from Norman H. Horowitz to Joshua Lederberg

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CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY PASADENA. CALIFORKIA DIVISION OF BIOLOGY September 27, 1960 Dear Josh, Cotober 29 at Stanford is very good for me. Let me know the final decision as soon as convenient, and also whether you anticipate one or two days of meeting. I am glad you have invited Stanley M iller to attend. I hope he can come. I received the NRC report on Aerosol Alarms since la& B&& writing to you, and I noticed the mention of Goetx' particle spectrometer. I made a note to talk to him about it and will do so before the next meeting. There is also some discussion of electrostatic precipitation of bacteria on pp. 12-13 of the report, but I must admit that the results do not sound prom ising. Perhaps Goetz will have some further ideas on this. The requirement for an up&Q&t position of the payload seems to point toward retrorockets, rather than parachute, as the preferred landing procedure. Do you suppose we could get some information on the probable oharaoteristics of a a retrorooket descent, 80 that we will have home idea of how serious a problem we will have in sampling the aurfaoe? This question m ight be a good item for the agenda. Best regards, Norman Horowitz

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