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The Development of Croatian Geoscience as Reflected by the Study of Dinaridic Ophiolites

Croatian Geological Survey
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  • Dinaridic Ophiolites
  • Genetically Related Sedimentary Formations
  • Flysch Period
  • Geosyncline Period
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Earth Science


For approximately 120 years since the beginning of European geology up to the present day, Croatian geoscience has included intensive geological research of the Dinaride Ophiolite zone. Research results can be grouped into several periods depending on the basic predominant approaches of European and World geology. (1) During the flysch period, ophiolites were spatially connected with the flysch formations. (2) During the geosynclinal period ophiolites were classified into the “Diabas-Hornstein Formation”. (3) During the transitional period, characterized by the elaboration of the Basic Geological Map, a voluminous data were collected which could not be incorporated in geosynclinal ideas. (4) The last period is characterized by modern geodynamic interpretations resulting from global tectonics.

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