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Link 1, rotating about fixed axis A, is connected by sliding pairs to sliders 3 and 5. Slider 3 is connected by turning pair B to slider 4 which moves along fixed guides q-q. The axis of guides q-q makes the angle β=135° with axis Ax and wi th cross-piece Bb. Cross-piece Bb moves in cross-shaped slider 2 which has guides wi th axes perpendicular to each other. Slider 2 moves along fixed guides t-t whose axis makes the angle α=45° with axis Ax. Link 6 is connected by turning pair C to slider 5 and moves in slider 2. When link 1 turns about axis A, point C describes hyperbola p-p wi th the equat ion x²+xy-nx-(m + n)y=0 where m and n are constant dimensions of the mechanism. $1071$LG,Ge$

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