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Structure Reports for 1950 edited by A. J. C. Wilson, N. C. Baenziger, J. M. Bijvoet and J. M. Robertson

International Union of Crystallography
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a28476.pdf 70 BOOK REVIEWS constants in substantial agreement with the values W. Voig~ obtained laboriously from about 15,000 single measurements on a multitude of oriented sections of many individual crystals. The theory of the effect is a beautiful combination of crystal dynamics and diffrac- tion; it is closely related to L. Brillouin's theory of thermal scattering of X-rays, and it also is reminiscent of the dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction, especially in operating with surfaces in Fourier space for the study of simultaneous diffraction of light by several systems of elastic waves in the crystal. The essential ideas and results of the theory are explained in the book, but details have to be read in the original papers. Bergmann's treatment is biassed towards the ex- perimental side. While the gist of the explanations of the phenomena is well given, the presentation is often not mathematical enough in detail to admit a quantitative understanding. Unfortunately, this holds also for the (new) Chapter 1 on the physics of the ultrasonic field; this should be thoroughly overhauled for the next edition so as to make it a fool-proof introduction worthy of the high standard of the book. P .P . EwAT,n Polytechnic Institute Brooklyn 1, N .Y . , U.S .A. St ructure Repor ts fo r 1945-1946. Edited by A. J . C. Wmso~, C. S. BARRETT, J . IV[. BIJVOET and J . ]~. ROBERTSON. Pp. vi i i+325 with many figs. Published for the Internat ional Union of Crystallo- graphy. Utrecht: N .V .A . 0osthoek's Uitgevers Mij. 1953. Price 45 Dutch florins. Volume 10 of Structure Report~ covers the years 1945-6 and its late appearance is in accord with the scheme for progressively closing the gap with the old Strukturbericht, working at the same time backward and forwards. There is little to be said about the actual presentation of the material that has not already been said about Volumes 11 and 12 (Acta Gryst. (1952), 5, 299; (1953), 5, 671). The standard of co

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