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Прогнозирование интенсивности адсорбции ионов стронция из жидкой фазы модифицированными глинистыми минералами

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  • Прогнозування інтенсивності адсорбції іонів стронцію з рідкої фази модифікованими глинистими мінерал
  • УДК 504.064+628.316.12
  • Модифицированный бентонит
  • адсорбент
  • жидкие радиоактивные отходы
  • Sr-90
  • внешняя диффузия
  • Modified Bentonite
  • Adsorbent
  • Liquid Radioactive Wastes
  • Sr-90
  • External Diffusion
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics


The article proposes a method of study of parameters of the mechanism of mass transfer adsorption of Sr-90 from liquid radioactive wastes by modified bentonites of Yazivsk deposits of sulfur on the basis of the theory of isotropic turbulence. The theory takes into account the hydrodynamic parameters of liquid system and solid phase dispersion, depending on the physico-chemical characteristics of liquid system, type of stirring device, geometrical sizes and number of turns of the mixer. In particular, we used a new approach to prognosticate the intensity of the external mass transfer adsorption, taking into account the diffusion coefficient in the solution of Wilkie and Chang based on the comparison of experimental and calculated values of the coefficients of mass output β. Deviation of the results is adjusted by the correction coefficient that takes into account the ratio of the solid dispersion in the center of the system and near the walls of the device

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