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A mutation within intron 3 of the Pax-3 gene produces aberrantly spliced mRNA transcripts in the splotch (Sp) mouse mutant.

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The splotch (Sp) mouse mutant displays defects in neural tube closure in the form of exencephaly and spina bifida. Recently, mutations in the Pax-3 gene have been described in the radiation-induced Spr and Sp2H alleles. This led us to examine the integrity of the Pax-3 gene and its cellular mRNA transcript in the original, spontaneously arising Sp allele. A complex mutation in the Pax-3 gene including an A-->T transversion at the invariant 3' AG splice acceptor of intron 3 was identified in the Sp/Sp mutant. This genomic mutation abrogates the normal splicing of intron 3, resulting in the generation of four aberrantly spliced mRNA transcripts. Two of these Pax-3 transcripts make use of cryptic 3' splice sites within the downstream exon, generating small deletions which disrupt the reading frame of the transcripts. A third aberrant splicing event results in the deletion of exon 4, while a fourth retains intron 3. These aberrantly spliced mRNA transcripts are not expected to result in functional Pax-3 proteins and are thus responsible for the phenotype observed in the Sp mouse mutant.

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