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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to A. T. Ganesan

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  • Medicine


March 10, 1956 Dear Xr, Ganesaht Thank you for your letter of &arch 6. I an definitely interested in your application, arld will begin arrangements immediately to see if a stipend can be fou:ld for you. If this is successful, it would amount to $1320 per annum, at the start, iess tuition fees of $200 to 250. While this is in progress, I would appreciate it if you can ask Professor Winge or Prof. Halter to write me a oritioal referense on you. If Professor Westergaard is acquU.nted with you) his remarks would also be most useful. From your letter I assume it wJuldbe convenient .foryou to begin here next February, whioh I would also prefer over ail earl3ier &ate. Please let me know if I am mist&on-- other arrangements might be ponnible. I am particularly intersted in a more detaileci analysis of fertili- zation in Escheriohia coli by a combination of cytological add *+%-tic methods: a logical starting point for a bacterial oyiogenetiss. Yours sincerely, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Qenetios

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