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L'amor cortese provenzale fra hohe Minne e dolce stil novo

McGill University
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  • Courtly Love In Literature
  • Provençal Poetry -- Influence
  • Italian Poetry -- To 1400 -- History And Criticism
  • German Poetry -- Middle High German
  • 1050-1500 -- History And Criticism
  • Literature


In this thesis, a literary historic path on the development of the lyric expression of courtly love will be created. The path will take us from the Provence through Germany and Sicily, and up to the Tuscany of the thirteen's century. The poetic characteristics of the hohe Minne and dolce stil novo will be particularly highlighted in order to facilitate the comprehension of their similarities and differences. It is understood that it will not be possible to offer a complete interpretation of the two lyric expressions. Rather, this thesis wishes to offer a basis for the development of further comparative studies between the German and Italian lyric expressions that were inspired by the Provencal courtly love. As representatives of the evolution of the poetry of love in Germany and Italy, Walther von der Vogelweide and Guido Cavalcanti were chosen for the innovative character of their poetry and the artistic quality of the results they achieved.

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