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Information report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on relations with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in the field of development, with special reference to the cofinancing of projects - financial year 1979. COM (80) 98 final, 10 March 1980

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES coM(80) 98 final Brussels, 10th March 1980 INFORMATION REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ON RELATIONS WITH NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (NGOS) ACTIVE IN THE FIELD OF DEVELOPMENT, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE COFINANCING OF PROJECTS _ FINANCIAL YEAR 1979 COM(80) 98 final Phil Text Box t * 'I EXPI,ANATORT MIMORAI{DUM At its meeting on 28 'Novenber 1977, the Councit. o,f ltinisters (Developmcnt) approved the procedure to be followed for the use of the appropriations for the cofinancing of projects with the NGOs. 4hat proeedure-inelud.6s a stipulation that the Commission wiJ.1 present an annual report to the Council on the use of the creitits allocatecl during the preceding yeatr. It is in accord.ance with that procedure that the Commission is presenting this Comrnunication, which d.eals with the use mad.e of the Bud.get of 12 million)EUA, entered. und^er Article 945 of the l9T9 Community Budgetz. Although relations reith the NCOs are main!| in the field of project co- financing in developing eountries, other important areas for cooperation with the ITIGOs are also dealt with, notabLy Development Education in the community and. the coordination of relations with the NGOs. See Councit Docunen+ R/ZO7/7S(ACD) of, 26 January t978. Increased-!9.12r5O11248 ELIA when one adds the unused balance of 34r24g EUe[Article l{)) camied over fron I9?8 and the 46T000 EUA transferred in l9T9frorn the unused balance of Anticle 949. 1. ;:. , i:' *., [ .'. ;r'. t':: i.': li, ' i.'. . 1".'' '). l.l l,.,', i fl,,: ii' 2., i:1 .. ,ii ::l 'COlffEI\ITS F DAPE I. I}ilIRODUCTION tr. COFINANCING OF NCO PROJECTS IN THE DSETOPJI\T-C. C9UTMEIIIS I i' A. Cofinancing operations the 19?9 Bud.get B. Ad.ministration of.cofinancing operations in previous years C. Evaluation , ' .I. COFINANCING OF NCO DEVEIOPI,E 1 T 5 V. trUTURE BI'DGET REQUIREI6TNS U..,OIIfiR NGO ACTTVITIE

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