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Business Metadata Infrastructure-Chapter 9

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-012373726-7.50010-9
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Publisher Summary There is no “one size fits all” infrastructure for metadata, especially business metadata. Numerous things need to be kept in mind when planning an infrastructure to support business metadata. This chapter addresses these considerations and serves as a guide in determining what kind of infrastructure best fits the current environment. The infrastructure needs to support a variety of collection mechanisms including Web 2.0 technologies. Business metadata is also created through a transformation of technical metadata. The chapter discusses what kinds of business metadata one may want to track and provides a data model as a guide. The metadata environment is shown to be like a data warehouse in many respects, requiring many of the same infrastructure components. A good solution resembles a data warehouse architecture, but one designed specifically to handle metadata. Special tools are often required for both the capture and display of business metadata. Special integration and delivery mechanisms are discussed, namely, data federation and service orientation. Administrative sources of records and historical issues should also be considered in terms of structural and storage considerations. The chapter also covers the issues of buy versus build, with a third alternative in the mix: extend an existing product.

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