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Gentoo linux

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The aim of this bachelor work is a reconnaissance of using linux distribution on desktop,to summarize the basic differences between linux distributions and the other operation systems(especially the most frequently used desktops system like WindowsXP and Windows Vista) and to summarize objectively a positive and a negative aspects of setting of linux distribution on the desktop. A part of this work is focused on detailed description of the most frequently used components of linux distribution specified for desktop or notebook and brief summary of the most popular distributions focused on users of personal computers nad notebooks.There is a single chapter where is an attention paid to detailed summary of distribution of Gentoo Linux, which is different from the other distributions in many aspects. Another chapter is focused on practice application of Linix in companies. The end of this work is devoted to possibilities how to use the programming language called BASIC which is typical for enviroment of MS DOS and Windows in the linux distribution.

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