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Control Reconfiguration of LPV Systems Using Virtual Sensor and Virtual Actuator

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In this paper, a fault tolerant control method for linear parameter varying (LPV) systems using a virtual actuator and a virtual sensor is proposed. The basic idea of the method is to insert a reconfiguration block, which consists of an LPV virtual actuator and an LPV virtual sensor, between the plant and the nominal controller such that the fault tolerant goal is achieved without re-designing the nominal controller. The role of the reconfiguration block is to transform the signals from the faulty system such that its behavior is similar to the nominal system from the point of view of the controller and to transform the output of the controller for the faulty system such that the stability and performance goals are preserved. In this paper, we consider the weak fault-hiding goal and stability of the closed loop system. Input to state stabilizing LPV gains of the virtual actuator and sensor are found by solving linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). We show that separate design of these gains guarantees the closed loop input to state stability of the closed loop reconfigured system.

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