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Letter from Yukinori Hirota to Joshua Lederberg

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HIROTA, Yukimri February 19, 1957 Dr. L. A. Fraeer Birge Hall Dear Len: I 22131 forwardikng Mr. Hirote’s application for a RARF iellowehip, with a favorable rocommdation on my part. I would rely very strongly on Francis Ryan’8 judgment. I could add too that Ukkawa ia perhaps Japanle beet-known gmeti&Jt. Hirota hae already made a very prouocative discovery in the area of aqy Wdiate intereat. It happeue we have been unable to repeat his observation of the repu>val of the F factor by Cobalt, but as his CO~~~UO8 have aonfinmd it, aMI he has sent us etraine reeulting from hla tmstmnt that are se they should be, tbsre mast be a aubtle differsme of experimntal corrfitione. Hirota is applying for admission in Sep&mber. While this would be accepkkble, I am writing to learn whether he could not ae well begin next January, which would suit ot lab. eituation a little better. Sincerely, Joshua Lederberg Profeesor of Genetics

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