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Jean Monnet remembers. European Community No. 186, May 1975

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CONTENTS 3 Jean Monnet Remembers On May 9, 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman announced the plan that would evolve into the European Communities. The author of the plan and thus the "father of Europe" recalls that day 25 years ago. 4 Remembering Monnet Pierre Gerbet Twenty-five years to the day after May 9, 1950, Jean Monnet retired from public life. His 86 years of ideas and action are sketched from dream to reality. 1 May 9, 1950 A press sampling gives a glimpse of what the world was like the day a uniting Europe was born. 8 Analogy: 1950 and 1975 J. Robert Schaetzel What has the Schuman Plan meant for Europe and the world? The former Head of the US Mission to the European Communities gives his view and concludes that 1975 offers a similar opportunity as 1950. 12 Portugal Today Edward Behr When Portuguese army officers overthrew the Caetano regime a year ago, Western Europe greeted the news with relief, optimism, and ex- traordinary naivete, according to Newsweek's European editor, who gives an analysis of Portugal's relations with the rest of Europe. 11 European Etiquette Kees Middelhoff Europe may be uniting, but cuitural conventions will never be "harmo- nized." Indeed, national character seems to be revealed in etiquette. 19 Community News 23 Recent Books 24 Publications Available Cover: The six original member countries of the European Coal and Steel Community celebrate this month the silver anniversary of their marriage engagement in the 1950 Schuman Plan. See pages 3-11. PHOTO AND CARTOON CREDITS Unless otherwise noted below, photos are from the European Community Information Service, and cartoons from Rothco Cartoons, Inc., Yonkers, New York. page 6: H. Cartier-Bresson, Magnum Photos, Paris. page 10: Cecil W. Stoughton, Washington. page 12: Edward Behr, Paris. page 13: United Press International (UPI) Photo, New York. page 14: UPI Photo, New York. page 16: UPI Photo, New York. pages 17-19: ©Ralph Robinson, Washi

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