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Avenue des Gobelins (publication)

Paradise Row Gallery
  • W100 Fine Art
  • W200 Design Studies
  • W230 Clothing/Fashion Design
  • W600 Cinematics And Photography
  • Psychology


Margarita Gluzberg AVENUE DES GOBELINS Paradise Row 3 As far back as 1992 Margarita Gluzberg walked down Bond Street in the West End of London, camera in hand, taking black and white photographs of exclusive shop fronts and people in front of them window shopping. From this point on one of her central interests has been the psychological dimension of consumer culture and an exploration of the manner in which consumers are affected by desire and the promise inherent in the luxury object intermediated by the gaze; the way in which viewers look at images of people. Gluzberg however cannot be categorised as a photographer, more as an artist who uses photography sometimes because her practice follows several different trajectories. She is well known for her large- scale drawings as much as for her performance and sound works as well as painting and photography. In her recent body of work Avenue des Gobelins, Gluzberg also employs video as part of a series of works that are structured around her use of the carousel slide projector, analogue and mechanical technology. Gluzberg’s utilisation of retro technology is apparent in her earlier work The Captive Bird Society that she describes as ‘a sonic and visual landscape’ and which includes about a dozen old style record players playing vinyl recordings of bird song. The recordings play out as metaphors for notions of entrapment and desire that characterise constraints in society that Gluzberg wants to highlight in this work. The relationship between the impression of the bird as an archetypical free creature and the strangle- hold consumer culture (in this instance haute couture fashion) has on the up market shopper. Captive Bird Society, 2009 12-hour performance-installation, incorporating the Haute Couture collection of Didier Ludot, Nuit Blanche commission, École Normale Supérieure, Paris 5 The French photographer Eugène Atget inspired the surrealists with his early photographs of Pa

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