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OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier: Java Libraries and Tools for Scalable Multimedia Analysis and Indexing of Images

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  • Computer Science


OpenIMAJ and ImageTerrier are recently released open- source libraries and tools for experimentation and devel- opment of multimedia applications using Java-compatible programming languages. OpenIMAJ (the Open toolkit for Intelligent Multimedia Analysis in Java) is a collection of libraries for multimedia analysis. The image libraries con- tain methods for processing images and extracting state- of-the-art features, including SIFT. The video and audio libraries support both cross-platform capture and process- ing. The clustering and nearest-neighbour libraries contain efficient, multi-threaded implementations of clustering al- gorithms. The clustering library makes it possible to easily create BoVW representations for images and videos. OpenI- MAJ also incorporates a number of tools to enable extremely- large-scale multimedia analysis using distributed computing with Apache Hadoop. ImageTerrier is a scalable, high-performance search engine platform for content-based image retrieval applications using features extracted with the OpenIMAJ library and tools. The ImageTerrier platform provides a comprehensive test- bed for experimenting with image retrieval techniques. The platform incorporates a state-of-the-art implementation of the single-pass indexing technique for constructing inverted indexes and is capable of producing highly compressed index data structures.

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