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Model Identification of Hydrostatic Center Frame Control System based on MATLAB

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  • Hydrostatic Center Frame
  • Electro-Hydraulic Servo System
  • Oil Film Stiffness
  • Model Identification
  • Sliding Model Variable Structure
  • Semi-Physical Simulation
  • Design


The composition and principle of an electro-hydraulic servo oil film stiffness control system of hydrostatic center frame will be introduced, and the system model identification as well as the verification will be carried out based on semi-physical simulation environment of Real-time Workshop (RTW) and system identification toolbox in MATLAB. A control strategy of fuzzy sliding model variable structure will be presented , and it is applied in the model achieved by identifications, adopting the method of fuzzy control system approximating equivalent control and designing switching controller based on fuzzy control gain dynamic regulation, could inhabit the buffeting existing in sliding model variable structure control. Simulation results show that performance of an electro-hydraulic servo oil film stiffness control system is improved significantly for hydrostatic center frame based on fuzzy sliding model variable structure controller, which can’t only effectively inhabit buffeting, reduce steady-state error, but also has strong robustness for uncertainties of structure parameter.

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