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DYONIPOS: Proactive Support of Knowledge Processes

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
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  • Linguistics


The success of knowledge-intensive organizations depends significantly on the degree of knowledge availability, knowledge transparency, knowledge structuring, and knowledge up-to-dateness. The research project DYONIPOS (DYnamic Ontology based Integrated Process OptimiSation) meets these challenges: DYONIPOS sets up a context sensitive, intelligent and agile assistant based on the development of semantic and generic knowledge discovery technologies [6]. The assistant supports the knowledge workers just in time and automatically with the currently needed knowledge, without additional work and violation of knowledge workers privacy. Furthermore an individual and a global process- and knowledge base is built-on. This article is structured as follows: Section 1 addresses the relation between the applied approach and the challenge in e-Government, summarizes the aims of the research project DYONIPOS and emphasizes the motivation. In Section 2 the semantic and knowledge discovery technologies used are presented. The article concludes with the presentation of the use-case project, showing current results of the project. Full Text at Springer, may require registration or fee

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