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Relationship between Personal Hygiene of Elementary School and Helminthiasis

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health
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Environmental conditions and poor personal hygiene as one of the causes of the high incidence of helminthiasis in Indonesia, affectingthe status of health, nutrition, intelligence and economic productivity. This study aims to determine the relationship between personal hygieneand the incidence of helminthiasis among primary school students. A cross sectional research was conduct at Omben Regency, District ofSampang, Madura island. Study sample were 57 students at 4th, 5th, and 6th grade from Rapadaya Elementary School. The observed variableswere age and sex characteristic, personal hygiene knowledge and practice, incidence of worm investation, nutritional and anemia status amongstudents. Data was obtained by using questionnaires, laboratory test of fecal for identifi cation of worm investation. Hb level was measure byusing cyanmethemoglobin method. Nutritional status was obtained by measuring body weight and stature. All the data were analyzed by usingChi square formula. According to Chi-square analysis there are signifi cant correlation between personal hygiene with occurrence of wormy(p = 0.045); signifi cant correlation between personal hygiene with occurrence of anemia (p = 0.024), but not signifi cant between personalhygienic with nutritional status (p=0.570). Results showed that personal hygiene behavior mostly student was good and there was signifi cantrelationship between personal hygiene behavior of students with helminthiasis.Key words: personal hygiene, helminthiasis, elementary school students

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