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Program and Evaluation Plan: Bertie County Adolescent Parent Program - Reducing Repeat Teen Pregnancy

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Adolescent mothers are at an increased risk of repeat teen pregnancy and the negative consequences that arise with these additional pregnancies. There is even more of a risk for these mothers in rural areas. In an effort to reduce repeat teen pregnancy in a rural low income county in North Carolina, the Bertie County Adolescent Parent Program (BCAPP) is proposed. This school-based program will provide various interventions including weekly peer group meetings, collaboration with the local health department to provide long acting reversible contraception, as well as providing mentors. An analysis of similar existing secondary teen pregnancy prevention programs and their evaluation strategies and findings helped strengthen the design for the Bertie County Adolescent Parent Program. This paper will describe this analysis and provide a detailed program and evaluation plan for the Bertie County Adolescent Parent Program with the hope that this information can be used as a template in other rural settings.

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