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An exploratory study of co-authorships among Iranian scientists in experimental sciences

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  • B. Information Use And Sociology Of Information.
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


This paper investigates the factors that made international co-authorship between scientists in Iran and elsewhere possible. A questionnaire was sent out to Iranian scientists in fields of physics, chemistry, and biology who had co-authored an internationally published journal article during 2003. The main foreign co-author in each of the articles was identified and questions regarding this co-author and the collaborative event were asked. The results show that not all co-authored articles were the results of collaborative projects. Also, the main collaborative motives behind the co-authorships were identified and described. Among these, we could mention sharing laboratory devices, accessing knowledge, and increase the efficiency of the study at hand. It is clear that emigrated Iranian scientists play an important role as collaborators and probably also as links to the international scientific community as a whole. Cultural factors mix with scientific and work related ones

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