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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to G. Ledyard Stebbins

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London London 20 August 1958 Dear Ledyard: I saw &Iort* Starr at,Sfockholm and learned that your department wds crystallizing plans for'expansion in microbial/bioohemioal genetios, and was solQciting concrete/suggestions. Depending on the le,vel of the appointment, I can suggest two: Dave Danney (at Michigan) ,,and Caylen Dradlay (at Minnesota). You probably know Dsnney pretty ,&&ll; TJhen I get home to Madison I Ottn send fuller details on both Nabey and Bradley. Braaley v;orks on the genetios of nctino- myoetos; he took his Ph.D. with &urioe sssman (who is now at Brandeis Univ., Biology1 o postdoctoral n chemical embryology cpf slime molds, then did a 2 Jrr. .&th me, There should be several other attractive candidates. All thidi aouli3 Fi"ait except thc;t 013 of' the pc~pls Zort mentioned :vould be,,% terrible mistks, in my opinion, and I would look forward to an OPPp~'tunit;lr to offer llw vievrs in ;Z mor2 //r It +Qpens congenial pr&vata oonversction. XB are; returning via San Francisco and v&l1 be at Stanford 2 SePj<ember 5-10 f!or obvious busini.sS. $4 Berkeley or Is there any chance of finding you S+31 Francisco in that interval? I will definitely be in ,' 'Berkeley on the bth; it might be ti^"' . a trip to Davis/this time, difficult, fprIus to intercalate but I hope you don't regret the prospect of seeing more of ~1s clfter next July. o/o Dean Alwaa';s office, A note or phone call can reach me i tiedYct&l School, Stanford (DA 3 9411 Ext 2OO9)/o The prospcqt e for uontinued growth and strong cooperation in genetics G \. in the SF areajare very exciting to me; I don't know where else you'd \ find 3 Departm+nts of %retios in a comparable area. Need)ess to say I weloome an o$portunity to disouss our own plan8 with you. I had rath8r hoped that Jim Crow would come out to Stanford with me, F and we did makq3 what I still oonsider to be a strong offer. However, he L appears to hav& decided to t&e over mB= @eneti

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