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Design of a Simulator for finding K-best Energy Efficient Paths in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

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MANET stands for "Mobile Ad-hoc Networks". A MANET is a infrasructure less network where every node acts as a router as well as a normal node. The nodes in the network are self configuring, i.e. they configure themself to route the packets with the changing topology. The movement of the nodes in the network is frequent so that the topology changes. The change in topology leads to the disruption in the node connectivity and the end to end routing path. Simulator is a software that provides a complete visibiliy of the network and the contents of the network. In the current work a simulator is designed to show the dynamic movement of nodes by showing their changing neighbors with respect o the node mobility in the network. The path that is established between the source and target node is also visible by tracing path between them. The routing path between the source and destination also changes with changing topology and changing scenario of the network.

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