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"La cultura de la cobdícia. Les claus de la crisi econòmica a Catalunya" (Cabana, F.)

Paradigmes: economia productiva i coneixement
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208-225_Biblio_ANG.qxp:núm.2 208-225_Biblio_ANG.qxp:núm.2 3/12/09 11:48 Página 208 Commented bibliography We asked six experts in economics and business to comment some new books on economics. Josep Oliver’s book deals with growth factors in the Catalan economy. Marta Marsé, Núria Juan and Tomàs Megía analysed the effects of the crisis in the housing auxiliary industry, while Pankaj Ghemawat and Xavier Vives introduce a study on competitiveness in Catalonia. Competir en tiempos de cambios. Nuevas reglas y el papel de la innovación is the eleventh volume on economy published by Fundación de la Innovación Bankinter, and Francesc Cabana, in La cultura de la cobdícia, looks into the causes of the crisis in Catalonia. This block closes with the presentation of the Futuribles magazine published by the Paris-based prospective studies and thought centre on the contemporary world bearing the same name. VICENT ANTÓN JOAN MIQUEL HERNÁNDEZ SANTI ANDORRÀ ADRIANA DELGADO DANIEL JORDÀ MODEST GUINJOAN 208-225_Biblio_ANG.qxp:núm.2 3/12/09 11:49 Página 209 JOSEP OLIVER I ALONSO. Els factors de creixement de la indústria catalana 1995-2005: canvi tècnic i produc- tivitat del capital i del treball. Coll. «Papers d’Economia Industrial», 27. Barcelona: Observatori de Prospectiva Industrial, 2009. empresa/papers/index.html Recension by VICENT ANTÓN This issue by the Observatori de Prospectiva Industrial (Observatory of Industrial Prospection) of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Government of Catalonia deals with productivity of the Catalan industry, the design of appropriate policies to foster it and the importance of adequately measuring productivity growth in the different industrial sectors in Catalonia. Information and commu- nication technologies (ICT) are paid special attention in this study as ICT investment has a direct effect on average labour productivity growth. The focus is also set on ph

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