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Gospodarstvo i financijske institucije Brodsko- posavske županije (od sredine 18. do sredine 20. stoljeća)

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  • R51 - Finance In Urban And Rural Economies
  • E21 - Consumption
  • Saving
  • Wealth
  • D92 - Intertemporal Firm Choice And Growth
  • Financing
  • Investment
  • And Capacity
  • Economics


4e paper researches financial history of Brod-Posavlje, the extent of economic development and its influence on financial sector from the middle of 18th century to the middle of 20th century. What we deal with are four most important institutions in the segments of the economic and later financial activities of this period. With the increasing needs of population the first to develop is craft while later intensive development of industry leads to the phenomenon of the first financial institutions (first of all, lower financial organizations level) and also to gradual development of banking that significantly influences the whole development of Slavonski Brod and its surroundings.

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