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A Report on a Faculty Development Workshop for Engineering Educators

The Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)
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PLACE TITLE HERE USING ALL UPPER CASE A REPORT ON A FACULTY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR ENGINEERING EDUCATORS McCahan, S; *Stubley, G Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Ontario Canada [email protected] INTRODUCTION In May 2009 we ran a three-day workshop for engineering educators entitled “Engineering a Successful Teaching Experience”. This workshop was motivated by a perceived need for a substantial faculty development program that catered to engineering instructors in Canada. Preliminary investigation had suggested that engineering schools in Ontario had enough potentially interested faculty members to make a workshop feasible. There are similar programs available in the U.S. some of which are open to Canadian faculty (e.g. the National Effective Teaching Institute1). However, few Canadian faculty participate in these workshops. Some institutions have general faculty development programs available through their teaching and learning centres which engineering instructors utilize. However, it is generally not possible to find enough participants at any one institution to justify running a multi- day engineering teaching workshop, and there is currently no national engineering and science teaching development program analogous to the NSF programs in the U.S. For these reasons we decided to initiate this project. PLANNING From previous experience we knew it was essential to determine viability before committing to the project. Therfore, in the fall of 2008 we asked the Deans to commit to purchasing a minimum number of registrations so we could assess the financial viablity of the workshop. We were able to secure advance commitments for 33 participants. In the end, we had 45 registered participants from 10 different Ontario institutions. The participants were generally junior faculty. The workshop was held at the University of Toronto, May 27 to 29th 2009. We based the design of the workshop on fa

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