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P0095 Photodynamic therapy of peritoneal dissemination of hepatocellular carcinoma

European Journal of Cancer
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejca.2014.03.139
  • Medicine


Background Peritoneal dissemination of hepatocellular carcinoma after tumour rupture is common, and the current treatment for this situation is metastectomy. However, the therapeutic outcome is often unsatisfactory. Photodynamic therapy combines a non-toxic photosensitiser, oxygen, and visible light to produce a cytotoxic effect. Photodynamic therapy using photofrin, a haematoporphyrin derivative, and laser light of 630nm wavelength is a potential treatment for peritoneal cancer dissemination, because its cytotoxicity is limited to superficial lesions. Methods GP7TB cells, a rat HCC cell line, were intraperitoneally injected into male F344 rat. After 14days, 18 tumour-bearing animals were divided into three groups and photofrin was administered intraperitoneally to the animals (group 1) at the dose of 20mg/kg at 24h before tumour illumination, and administered intravenously via the caudal vein at 5mg/kg in group 2 animals. For intraperitoneal photodynamic therapy, the peritoneum was filled with normal saline, and illuminated with a fibre optic cable. Tumour sites were irradiated with a 630-nm CW diode laser with a dose of 100J/cm2. 4days after treatment, a total count of tumour nodules was done, as was an assessment of tumour changes after treatment. Findings Photodynamic therapy in group A and B resulted in a significant lower count of tumour nodes compared with the control group. Percentage of tumour necrosis in group 1 was significantly higher than in group 2 and control group (92% versus 42.5% in group 2 and 12.0% in the control group). Significant increases in TUNEL-positive cells and Ki-67-positive cells were seen after photodynamic therapy in treated groups. Interpretation These preliminary results demonstrate the feasibility of photodynamic therapy for treatment of peritoneal dissemination of hepatocellular carcinoma.

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