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소비사회에서의 `재현`의 위기와 이데올로기 비판의 가능성 : 보드리야르(Jean Baudrillard)를 중심으로

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 이데올로기 비판
  • Critique Of Ideology
  • 소비
  • Consumption
  • 기호
  • Sign
  • 재현의 위기
  • Crisis Of Representation
  • 시뮬레이션
  • Simulation
  • 기호학적 환원
  • Semiological Reduction
  • 상징교환
  • Symbolic Exchange
  • 유혹
  • Seduction
  • Political Science


ABSTRACT The Crisis of ''Representation'' in the Consumer Society and the Possibility of the Critique of Ideology ¡ª Focused on Jean Baudrillard ¡ª Park, Daejin Department of Sociology Graduate School Seoul National University Both the trend of multiplicity and multiculturalism experienced in the modern consumption, and the ''dilution of the truth'' and the release of relativism in the theoretical level of the ''post-ism'' commonly deny the universal value and the ultimate, so they seem to make impotent the traditional system of representation and critique. The theme of this thesis is the problem of how the possibility of the critique can be maintained despite the situation of the crisis of ''representation''. This thesis attempts to surmount the traditional procedure of critique based on the dichotomy of reality/representation, reality/ideology, to form new notion of ideology and to investigate the procedure and meaning of the critique acceded to it by reading Baudrillard''s critique of the political economy of the sign and simulation theory from the perspective of the critique of ideology. To do so, this thesis is composed of the followings : (1) to extract the formal structure of the sign system as a methodological frame from Baudrillard''s early analysis of the consumer society, (2) to construct the notion of ideology in the aspect that the sign system as simulation operates as power, and (3) to examine the procedure and meaning of the critique of ideology focused on the notion of symbolic exchange. In the analysis of consumption in the modern society, Baudrillard criticized a traditional notion of consumption that the function of objects equals subject''s need, and emphasized that the function of objects in the modern society be consumed as an effect within system. From the fact that the function of objects manifests itself from being related to other things, apriority of the function is doubted and new conceptualization of the function of object

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