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Essentials of Endocrinology

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892 YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE who, however, has the general background of biochemistry required of present-day medical students, this presentation might be regarded as reasonably adequate. It does give some idea of the way vitamins can be involved in biochemical processes and thus be important to the body. A few errors were noticed. On page 95 the adjective phosphorous is used incorrectly for the noun phosphorus. On page 31 the errors in the graphic formulae of the forms of ascorbic acid are probably due to poor printing. Similarly, on page 58, poor printing has resulted in loss of a valence line in the formula for adenylic acid. On page 60, the equation setting forth the change of phospho-glyceric acid to phospho-pyruvic acid is incorrectly indicated to be a loss of two hydrogen atoms and oxidation when it is really a loss of H20. The latest definition of the international unit for vitamin B1 is correctly given on pages 72 and 157, but the older definition found in the original edition is repeated on page 22 of this second edition. No doubt these matters will receive appropriate attention when the present volume is revised and brought up to date as must be the fate of books of this type which deal with topics undergoing intensive research. This book can be highly recommended to all students of the vitamins, particularly physicians, but is too technical for the average "man of the street" who has not been introduced to biochemistry and pathology. -GEORGE R. COWGILL. ESSENTIALS OF ENDOCRINOLOGY. By Arthur Grollman. J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1941. Pp. xvi + 480. $6. The author's purpose was to present in a single volume a critical and broad survey of all important aspects of the subject of endocrinology. He has prepared a volume which is an excellent general statement of the present knowledge of clinical and experimental endocrinology. The facts given are solid, and the writer's judgment in evaluating them is sound. The illustrations are good. This work should prove of v

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