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32 HEAL voL 5, 2014 Melissa Geary Living Out My Thank You Your wounds have healed, your scars have faded, but the fear I felt turned into a fire. At 8 years old, I couldn’t understand that your doctors were painting my future. My eyes full of tears still see the blurred images of those white coats that helped bring you back to me. n Melissa Geary is a second year medical student at Florida State University. n Dr. Weatherly is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at FSU College of Medicine and enjoys time on short term medical mission trips with medical students. Mark Weatherly, MD Second Grader I arrived for sign-outs to cover call in the PICU for the night. The sickest kid was on a ventilator, tubes everywhere, numerous drips. I noticed a consult from the pulmonologist, my mentor. It began: “This second-grader…” Where I saw disease, technology, tubes, he saw a second-grader. I never viewed a patient the same way again. Judi Traynor “It’s Cancer.” Those words pierced my soul. I was only 38. I kept asking “Why me?” Then something clicked. That 6-letter word became my healer. It made me change, inside and out. I learned how to live—how to really live. And how to love. Because in the very end, love is all that matters. n Judi Traynor is the Administrative Support Assistant at the FSU College of Medicine Fort Pierce Regional Campus. Judi is a 15-year cancer survivor, and enjoys music, painting, gardening and spending time with her husband and their Scottish Folds. Anushi Patel Tuesday Afternoons Tuesday. Chronic care. Family Medicine. Walk in. Check schedule: Jacobs, age 81- 2:40. Smile. Makes 35 minute drive worth it. AfibDiabetesCADHypertensionAnemiaArthritisHearinglossChronicpainGERD. Lives alone. 2:40: Not here. 2:50: Worried. Usually early. 3:00: Had a fall? 3:10: In the ER? 3:30: Had an MI? 4:00: Closing time. Call. No answer. Pray. Next Tuesday. “Oops, forgot my appointment!” n Anushi Patel is a third year medical student. She has enjoy

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