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‘백제문화제’를 기반으로 한 티셔츠 패션문화상품 디자인 개발

Publication Date
  • 백제문화제
  • 티셔츠
  • 패션문화상품
  • 문화상품
  • 구매행동
  • 구매선호도
  • Design


The purpose of this study was to investigate purchasing behavior and purchasing preferences about cutural products of the Baekje Cultural Festival visitors and to develop ingenious T-shirt fashion cultural products based on Baekje Cultural Festival. As the contents and methods of the study, the kind of cultural goods were examined directly by visiting the Gongju and Buyeo provinces. Baekje Cultural Festival officials were surveyed on the cultural product development and sales. The visitors were surveyed on the purchasing behavior of cultural products. Gongju and Buyeo symbols, mascots, and emblems and the Baekje relics were investigated using literatures and internet sites. Patterns were selected by data investigated in each region. T-shirt fashion cultural product designs were developed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The results of the study are as follows: First, kind of cultural products was the most varied for accessories like cell phone decorations, key chains, earrings, and necklaces, in the two regions. Second, the degree of fashion cultural product development was Gongju better than Buyeo by surveying Baekje Cultural Festival officials. But, both regions were needed for the development of -shirt fashion cultural products. Baekje Cultural Festival visitor

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