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Letter from Arthur M. Sackler, International Medical Tribune to Joshua Lederberg

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MEDICAL TRIBUNE and Medical News HOSPITAL TRIBUNE New York. N. Y.. U.S.A. MEDICAL NEWS-TRIBUNE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL 641 LEXINGTON AVENUE TRIBUNE NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022 PHONE: (212) 421-4000 MEDICALTRIBUNE lnternat~onal EdItion Scandtnav~a London. England MEDICAL TAlEfUNE lnternatlonale Wochenmtung- Ausgabe fix Deutschland Wmbaden. Wesf Germany ARTHUR M. SACKLER. M.D. lnternatmnal Publfsher TRIEIUNE MEDICALE Pam. France April 16, 1979 MEDICAL TRIBUNE lnternatmnale Wochenmtung- Ausgabe fbr die Schweu &den, Swtzerland MEDICAL TRlBUNE Internabonale Wochenzeitung Ausgabe ftir Osterrelch Vienna. Austna Dr. Joshua Lederberg Rockefeller University 1230 York Avenue New York, N. Y. 10021 Japan International MEDICAL TRIBUNE Tokyo. Japan Dear Joshua: I am becoming more and more convinced of the urgency and critical importance of your thoughts and desire to do something to lodge the concept of compara- tive toxicology. I know you are probably very busy but would appreciate your lettinrr me know when you have written for the prant we had discussed. I have been out “beating the drums I1 for your idea and find I pet very recep- tive responses. I have the clear-cut reaction that yours is “an idea whose time has come. ” In respect to comparative toxicoioey, I think you would be interested in the following. In my work on Med ical Tribune, I have become concerned not only with the double standards, but with the lack of consistency in application of existiner stan- dards, and the absence of clear criteria as to what much of our toxicologic findings signify. I was astonished to discover that the intermedi- ates and end-products of the fluoridination and chlorina- tion of drinking water have not been studied with the same technology and criteria as used to determine carcinogen- icity, teratogenicity and mutagenicity of essential pre- scription therapeutic agents. The rigid criteria applied to new, pote

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