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New Locality and Host Records for South American Acanthoscelides (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Insecta Mundi
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DjVu Document Vol. 5, No. 1, March 1991 25 SIX new species of Skippers from MexIco (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Pyrginae and Heteropterinae) Stephen R. Steinhauser Allyn Museum of Entomology 3621 Bayshore Road Sarasota, Florida 34234 Abstract SIX new species of Mexican Hesperiidae, three Pyrginae, Bolla solitaria, B. fenestra and Zobera oaxaquena, from the state of Oaxaca, and three Heteropterinae, Pirttna jonka and Dalla kemneri, also from Oaxaca, and Piruna millerorum from the state of Sinaloa, are described. are better expressed m the paler speCImens mclud· ing the holotype upon whiGh this description is based. The ground color results from a mixture of very dark brown and dark ochreous scales, the paIIy of a curved subterminal band from about ~ where the spots are offset basad. There are addi- tiona} vague dark spots at cell end and just basad of mi C -2A. Frin e ark r r n subterminal band except in Ma CUI and CUI Cu...!, to 2A parallel to the termen, distally bordered by faint dark s~ots.There is a sinuous dark postdiscal spot-band frum Ra-R4, where the spot has a minute ;~i:;' c:on~~~;k,a~~~a=~~~:~:~~: °Fh: P;:f~ and new Mexican records. Five of the six new skipper taxa as '.vell as many rarely seen forms species described below were taken for the first time by Kemner and noted as new or possibly new by Hugh A. Freeman, who sent them to me with a co, by John Kemner has disclosed several new Introduction Recent collecting in the state of Oaxaca, Mexi- the r st of the band, tlJ1A-2A, a very vague Lenni- nal pale band; an indistinct dark cell-end spot. poorly defined paler subterminal spot-band from Sc+R~-Rs. where the spot is detached basad from Under id . F re in II d rk m t br n bordered basad and dIstad by equally mdlstmct narrow pale spots; very indistinct pale diseal spot Hindwing same brown as forewing with a cos a 0 WI pa e m enor. ermen very slightly excavate in CU:2-2A. is based on Miller, "1969" (1970), a slight change scriptions. The

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