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Designing usable ubiquitous computing

Association for Computing Machinery
Publication Date
  • 080602 Computer-Human Interaction
  • 080504 Ubiquitous Computing
  • 120304 Digital And Interaction Design
  • User-Centred Design
  • Participatory Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Multimodal Interfaces
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Design
  • Engineering


This paper demonstrates that in order to design successful ubiquitous computing, designers must consider concurrently both the end user interactions in the context of use and the sustainability of the technology and its underlying infrastructure. We describe methods used to create more useful collaboration and communication between users, designers and engineers in designing ubiquitous computing systems. We tested these methods in a real domain in an attempt to create a system that is affordable, minimally disrupts the end-user's workplace and improves human-computer interaction.

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