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Selection of sensors and actuators based on a necessary condition for robust performance

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SELECTION OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS BASED ON A NECESSARY CONDITION FOR ROBUST PERFORMANCE SELECTION OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS BASED ON A NECESSARY CONDITION FOR ROBUST PERFORMANCE Patrick Philips, Marc van de Wal, Bram de Jager Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands Fax: +31 40 2461418, Email: [email protected] Abstract A recently presented method for actuator and sensor se- lection for linear control systems is applied and evaluated for an active suspension control problem. The aim is to eliminate actuator/sensor combinations, for which no con- troller exists that achieves a speci�ed level of robust perfor- mance. Complete controller synthesis is avoided by using necessary conditions for robust performance. Due to this, it is not guaranteed that a stabilizing controller can be constructed for combinations passing the conditions. This is a major shortcoming of the method. The e�ectiveness and e�ciency of the selection procedure are assessed and compared with �-synthesis. Keywords: robust control, LMI, automotive. 1 Introduction Preceding controller synthesis, it must be decided on an appropriate number, place and type of sensors (\outputs") and actuators (\inputs"). This process will be referred to as Input Output (IO) selection. Compared to other steps in control system design, IO selection has gained relatively little attention. Nevertheless, it is of crucial importance. First, the employed combination of actuators and sensors (IO set) may put fundamental limitations on the achievable performance. Second, the IO set determines control sys- tem complexity, hardware expenses, reliability, and main- tenance e�ort. Since the number of candidate IO sets grows extremely rapidly with the number of candidate inputs and outputs, favorable candidates are easily overlooked. Hence, an e�ective and e�cient IO selection method is desirable to comp

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