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A comparison of non-traditional instersection designs using microscopic simulation [electronic resource]

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  • Traffic Engineering.
  • Streets
  • City Planning.
  • Design


In light of the growing traffic demand and the futility of the conventional solutions, many states have been considering alternative intersection designs. Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of several unconventional intersection designs and their implementation at different sites throughout the United States and abroad have delivered significant improvement in traffic compared to the conventional intersections. A signalized and un-signalized roundabout, a Continuous Flow Intersection, and a Parallel Flow Intersection have been evaluated and compared in this research as viable alternatives to the traditional single intersection. Using micro-simulation platforms, AIMSUN 6.0 and VISSIM 5.10, models of each intersection are evaluated for low, medium, and high entrance volumes. The analysis revealed that the Roundabout performs better at low entering volumes while the Continuous flow yields better results at high volumes.

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