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A comparison of spatial point process models in epidemiological applications

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Advanced LVDC Electrical Power Architectures and Microgrids A Step towards a New Generation of Power Distribution Networks Electrification Magazine, IEEE Current trends indicate that worldwide electricity distribution networks are experiencing a transformation towards direct-current (DC) at both generation and consumption level. This tendency is powered by the outburst of various electronic loads and, at the same time, with the struggle to meet the high set goals for share of renewable energy sources (RESs) in satisfying total demand. RESs operate either natively at DC or have a DC link in the heart of their power electronic interface, whereas the end point connection of electronic loads, batteries and fuel cells is exclusively DC. Therefore, merging these devices into dedicated DC distribution architectures through corresponding DC-DC converters arises as an attractive option not only in terms of enhancing efficiency due to reduction of conversion steps, but also for having power quality independence from the utility mains. These kinds of systems generally provide improved reliability in comparison to their alternating current (AC) counterparts since the number of active elements in DC-DC power electronic devices is smaller than in DC-AC converters. Besides that, control design in DC systems is significantly simpler since there are no reactive and harmonic power flows or problems with synchronization. 1. Historical Perspective: Return to DC Present electrical power supply systems are the product of a long-term technological development that basically started at the end of 19 th century. The trigger for its rapid uprising was the invention of transformer, a first device that was able to transform AC voltages to tdr Typewritten Text This document is the preprint version of the paper: T. Dragičević, J. C. Vasquez, J. M. Guerrero and D. Škrlec, "Advanced LVDC Electrical Power Architectures and Microgrids," IEEE Electrifica

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