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Doing Q Methodological Research: Theory, Method and Interpretation

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This book introduces the theory and practice of Q methodology, and takes the reader on a journey from understanding the early history of the method to being in a position where the reader will be able to do Q methodology for themselves. Watts and Stenner cogently and clearly set out the origins of Q methodology in factor analysis and the R methodological procedures, and go on to explain the theory behind Q as set out by the method's early pioneers. They also look at how Q deals with issues such as subjectivity, abduction and constructivism. The main purpose of this book is to enable the reader to set up, run and analyse and effective study using Q methodology. The book is illustrated with examples and case studies throughout, and offers advice on highly practical issues such as the conduct of fieldwork, working with participants, good data management. The bulk of the book looks at process of analysis itself in Q methodology and examines and explains analysis through the use of a dataset and practical examples and exercises.

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