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Measurement of the form factors for <span style="text-decoration: overline">B</span><sup>¯0</sup>&#8594;D*<sup>+</sup>ℓ<sup>-</sup><span style="text-decoration: overline">v</span>

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  • Physics


Using a sample of 2.6×106 ϒ(4S)→Bevents collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have measured the form factors for B0→D*+ℓ- v. We perform a three-parameter fit with the joint distribution of four kinematic variables to obtain the form-factor ratios R1 = 1.18±0.30±0.12 andR2 = 0.71±0.22±0.07, and the form-factor slope ρA12 = 0.91±0.15±0.06, which is closely related to the slope of the Isgur-Wise function. The form-factor ratios are consistent with predicted corrections to the heavy-quark symmetry limit R1 = R2 = 1.

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