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(Table 2) Geochemistry and minerals of whole-rock samples analyzed as fused beads at DSDP Leg 65 Holes

Publication Date
DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.818072
  • 65-482B
  • 65-482C
  • 65-482D
  • 65-483
  • 65-483B
  • 65-485A
  • Albite
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Anorthite
  • Apatite
  • Calcium Oxide
  • Cipw Norm
  • Deep Sea Drilling Project
  • Diopside
  • Drilling
  • Dsdp
  • Electron Microprobe
  • Glomar Challenger
  • Hypersthene
  • Ilmenite
  • Iron Oxide
  • Fe2O3
  • Iron Oxide
  • Feo
  • Leg65
  • Lithologic Unit/Sequence
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Magnetite
  • Minerals
  • North Pacific/Gulf Of California/Cont Rise
  • North Pacific/Gulf Of California/Sediment Pond
  • Odp Sample Designation
  • Olivine
  • Orthoclase
  • Phosphorus Oxide
  • Potassium Oxide
  • Quartz
  • Sample Code/Label
  • Sample Id
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Sodium Oxide
  • Titanium Oxide
  • Total
  • Type
  • Chemistry


IMA 0698.pdf NOMENCLATURE OF THE MICAS 1 The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 36, pp. x-xx (1998) 1 E-mail address: [email protected] * Russia; died 1994; † Italy; died 1988; ‡ Australia; resigned 1986; § U.S.A.; died 1984. NOMENCLATURE OF THE MICAS MILAN RIEDER1 Department of Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Mineral Resources, Charles University, Albertov 6, 12843 Praha 2, Czech Republic GIANCARLO CAVAZZINI Dipartimento di Mineralogia e Petrologia, Università di Padova, Corso Garibaldi, 37, I-35122 Padova, Italy YURII S. D’YAKONOV VSEGEI, Srednii pr., 74, Saint-Peterburg, 199026, Russia VIKTOR A. FRANK-KAMENETSKII* GLAUCO GOTTARDI† STEPHEN GUGGENHEIM Department of Geological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, 845 West Taylor Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607-7059, U.S.A. PAVEL V. KOVAL’ Institut geokhimii SO AN Rossii, ul. Favorskogo 1a, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia GEORG MÜLLER Institut für Mineralogie und Mineralische Rohstoffe, Technische Universität Clausthal, Postfach 1253, D-38670 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany ANA M.R. NEIVA Departamento de Ciências da Terra, Universidade de Coimbra, Apartado 3014, 3049 Coimbra CODEX, Portugal EDWARD W. RADOSLOVICH‡ JEAN-LOUIS ROBERT Centre de Recherche sur la Synthèse et la Chimie des Minéraux, C.N.R.S., 1A, rue de la Férollerie, F-45071 Orléans Cedex 2, France FRANCESCO P. SASSI Dipartimento di Mineralogia e Petrologia, Università di Padova, Corso Garibaldi, 37, I-35122 Padova, Italy HIROSHI TAKEDA Chiba Institute of Technology, 2-17-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino City, Chiba 275, Japan ZDENEK WEISS Central Analytical Laboratory, Technical University of Mining and Metallurgy, Tr. 17. listopadu, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic DAVID R. WONES§ 41 23 Reider & al.p65 98-07-19, 22:361 THE CANADIAN MINERALOGIST2 ABSTRACT End-members and species, defined with permissible ranges of composition, are presented for the true micas, the brittle micas, and the interlayer-deficient micas. The determination of th

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