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Letter from Tracy M. Sonneborn to Salvador E. Luria

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November 1, 1950 Dr. S.Z. Lurfa Department of 2kdxmiology Univ3mi+y of Illinois Urbana, Illinois Dear Lou: I was fL;ril to p:t fwr ciirti but zishmed to fiti that in the c-e of places :;o*~ c*&+d h&ad been pulled out from qy file and had nirver gotten back. f msde up the d&iciencjr at on& a& sent off to .you the reprints w!;ich you should haye had 'before now. I an; deliftz$t& to hear that nw paper in Eferociit~ met such a responsive chord in you. I am curious to know what ts?ims mu are referring to in virus reaewch which lead you to the-s&e conclusions. Your book will be a peJt additfon to the litcra- ture and I look forwad to it eagerly, TheaIs operation went very well iiTTr! 1 think ahe aci Joa are both o?;timistic about the outcome. I do hope this set"2ea things fnvorab3.y. The 23a&teriology Dopsrtment here is uncfergoing ri&Ajustment and I ctLnnot yet guess how t'-ings till xork out. son!0.of my group are taking the copse in Ir~tinolo,q from Veiss, but I suppose it is too early to Jud;;e ho% it will go. I gather that he ~!oes not hzve tho force, cntFrusiasm and clarity of Luria, but perhaps he will improve with time. I find him an interestiw fellow to talk to and think he r~zlly has 3ome potentialities th:%t may blossom forth. I have done little mre than 8oe Sto%es on the run and haven't ha a chance to I;:et acquainted with him at all. :A? have 'nerd a vc:.y hectic Fdl xl','% a ccxstant stream of visitors from &rope ani clsexhere. \ihile this is at1 vorJ nice in itself, it is a great AiStriZLCtiOn ami I ara xenrin,l myself out trying to 140~: w research ;;oinj-; and fit t?la siu2e time be a decgxlt host to our visitors. I don't kno-d wh3t you t'.irk 3f knney, 3ut I mn9t h&p 5ut say, as I mst have said to you Before, th;lt I t%n'ir: he io rx:a3.1y destined +d do bf~ thing.s. He conftnuss to rte?velop at an amazin,~ xxte and hat sp;Lrk plugi;e!J the research in our ::roup for the last 33.x months. He's on the track now of the r!rech

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