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Luminescence and microstructure of Ga, In and Tl centres in laboratory-doped natural feldspars

Journal of Luminescence
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-2313(96)00264-5
  • Section 15. Point Centers And Defects In Crystals


Abstract The doping of feldspars by Ga, In and Tl leads to the appearance of intense specific emission bands. Their spectra and decay kinetics were measured at 4–290 K in 2–8 eV spectral range. The lowest excited state of the impurity centre proves to be related to the excited 3P state of corresponding ns 2 ion. This is the reason for the long decay times (~ 10 −3 − 10 −4 s at 4 K), sharply depending on temperature. The higher excited states of the centres apparently are the activator-oxygen hybrid states. Monovalent ns 2 ions possibly substitute Na + or K +ions in the K(Na)AlSi 3O 8 lattice. As follows from the lattice structure of alkali feldspars, they can have several different types of nearest neighbours.

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