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New housing programme for workers in ECSC industries. Information Memo P-65/74, November 1974

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..-I't!!r!JJlVIIEN T9X UE EUXUFEIsKE FELLEssKAtsERS - KOMMISSION DER EUROPAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN- COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNEs -COMMISSIONE OELLE COMUNITA EUROPEE - COMMISSIE VAN OE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN SPOKESMAN'S l1{F0RitATt0l{ l1{r0RMAT0RtS AUFZEICHl{U1{G Brussels, November 1974 GROUPE OU PORTE-PAROLE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERDER I{llTE l|'IilFllRMATIOI{ il0TA 0'tilF0RMAZt01{E TER DOCUMEI{TIE The Commission has approved- thefinancial assistance for housing int Coal and. Steel Community ind.ustries" for the personnel in the European s programne will cover the nert four vears and will be carried out in two phd,ses, 1975/16 and, 1977f78" rt has been d.ecid.ed to earmark for the first phase of operations a credit of 25 million u"a"to be taken fron the special bud.getary reser\re of the ECSC, The assent of the Cor:ncil will now be asked" in accord.ance with Article ){ of the ECSC Treaty. The seven earlier prograrnmes and three experimental ones phased. over thepast 1'1 years permitted. first the High Authority and later the Commission to contribute to the financing of the construction of 129t472 dwellings and., more recentlyr to the modernisation of 9t7O2 dwellings for miners and iron and steel workers" (For d-etails see Annexe") Period. of reorAanisation These prograrnmes, which were originally set up in response to the general housing shortage, have at a later stage helped the ECSC industries through an i.ncreasingly difficult period. of reorganisation" For example, the movement of iron and steel industries to the coast rniould. have been inpossible if there had not been a simultaneous programme of construction of new housing in the vicinity cf such new iron and. steel complexes as ljmuid.en in the Netherlands, Bremen in Germany, Taranto in Iteily and Fos and Drinkirk in France. As regard.s the three new Mernber States, it was only in 1)lA, that the coal and steel ind.ustries in these cor

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