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Cam 1 rotates about fixed axis A and has a contour composed of three circular arcs described from c entres a, c and b which lie on a circle described from point A. Points a, c and b are the vertexes of equilateral triangle acb. Follower 2 reciprocates in fixed guides B-B and has yoke e consisting of two flat faces d. When cam 1 rotates, follower 2 has harmonic motion according to the equation s₂=r*sin(φ) where s₂ is the displacement of follower 2, r is the constant diameter of the cam and φ is the angle of cam rotation. The corresponding velocity and acceleration of the follower are v₂=ωr*cos(φ) and u₂=-ω²r*sin(φ) where to is the angular velocity of cam 1. In one cycle, follower 2 has three rises and three returns. The follower has instantaneous dwells when points a, c and b contact flat faces d of yoke e. Positive motion is achieved because cam 1 is of constant diameter equal to the distance between faces d (breadth) of yoke e. $2984$SmC,3L$

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