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Flame Propagation in Combustion Synthesis of Ni-Ti Structural Bioimplant Material

Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures
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This paper integrates analytical and experimental investigations of thermal and combustion phenomena during the self-propagating combustion synthesis of Ni - Ti intermetallic for structural bio-implant application. Ni - Ti mixture is prepared from elemental powders of Ni and Ti. The mixture is pressed into solid cylindrical samples of 1.1 cm diameter and 2 – 3 cm length, with initial porosity ranging from 30% to 42%. The samples are preheated to various initial temperatures and ignited from the top surface such that the flame propagates axially downwards. The flame speed images are recorded with a motion camera and the temperature profile is recorded. Keywords: Combustion Synthesis; Intermetallic; Bio-implant material

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