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Staff Papers Series, P91-36, September 1991 Staff Papers Series Staff Paper No. P91-36 September 1991 A User's Guide For PVBUDGET Earl Fuller Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics University of Minnesota Institute of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics St Paul, Minnesota 55108 A USER'S GUIDE FOR PVBUDGET by Earl Fuller Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics University of Minnesota laed In furtherance o coopetlve xtenion work In agrculture and home economlcs, ats of May 8 and June 30, 1914, In cooperaton with the U.S. Department of Ariculture, Patrick J. Borch, DMn and Director of Minneota Exteo lon Senice, Unlintyy of MInneot, St. Paul, MlnneoCta 5108. The Unvenrsty of MInneeoa, Including the Mlnneota Extenson Svtci , Is committed to the policy Itat all person hall hem equal ccm to Its programs, facite, and mpoyment witwhout regard to rae, religion, color, M, national origin, handIcap, age, veteran status, or exual orIentation. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Uses and Purposes 1 Part I - Uses of Net Present Value Budgeting Or Analysis 3 Part II - Analysis Options in PVBUDGET 7 Part III - Data Input Procedures 9 Part IV - Interpreting the Resulting Analysis 18 Part V - Some Comments About Situations Where PVBUDGET 34 Can Be A Useful Tool Appendix A: Files Distributed As Part Of PVBUDGET And Installation Appendix B: PVBUDGET Data Questionnaire Draft 7/91 PVBDGT91.DOC A USER'S GUIDE FOR PVBUDGET by Earl Fuller USES AND PURPOSES PVBUDGET adds a time dimension to a partial budgeting analysis of many kinds of financial investment projects. It compares both the profitability and the feasibility of one or more alternative investments. Alternative investments often have different cash flow and income tax characteristics. Some assets wear out sooner than others. Some are more risky than others. PVBUDGET takes such time characteristics into account. It evaluates the benefits in comparison to the detriments

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